The Revolutionary
Care Space

The Revolutionary Care Space

We love Radically

The movement and creative community deserves a space of peace and power. This Revolutionary Care Space has been developed to support revolutionary work and radical creativity, to revitalize organizers and movement artists in and visiting Philadelphia.


The Revolutionary Care Space is:

Anti-Colonialist | Anti-Imperialist | Anti-Racist | Anti-Homophobic | Anti-Ageist | Anti-Ableist | Anti-Sexist | Anti-Classist | Anti-Poverty | Anti-Hoarding | Anti-Oppression | Anti-White Supremacy 


Pro-Black | Pro-Brown | Pro-Pronouns | Pro-Women | Pro-Trans | Pro-Gender  Nonconforming | Pro-Identity | Pro-Growth | Pro-Unity | Pro-Intersectional | Pro-Self Determination | Pro-Community | Pro-Planet


The Revolutionary Care Space has adopted the Ubuntu Freedom Principles of Freedom.and c

Organizer Care

The community must come together to embody our deep love, not just to fight. We will host community dinners, self care events, and celebrations. We are just a mere 3 minute walk to the Wissahickon and host regular natural activities including hikes and foraging.


Raising Consciousness

We host retreats and meetings to support strategizing, planning, and training. We support arts projects that speak to revolution and healing. In 2022 we will utilize the space to hold small events to engage the larger community around important issues.


Respite & Creativity

Organizers and movement artists can stay in one of our lovely, cozy rooms at no cost. Those living in and visiting Philly who need a relaxing change of environment or a place to be creative or to focus on a project can enjoy the beautiful serenity found here. 


Growth & Healing

We host small workshops, meet and greets, and community activities centering health, healing and restoration. In 2022 we will begin to host both in person and virtual community conversations. We provide space for people to engage in various health and healing modalities.


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The Revolutionary Care Space.


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